15W Qi Standard Wireless Charging Solutions

15W Qi「氣」無線充電TX(GPM8F8008C)、RX(GPMQ9103A)方案

WPC Qi 標準是目前市場主流的無線充電標準,利用線圈與線圈感應產生電流,做能量轉移的動作。近期各家手機品牌發布新款智慧型手機大多加入符合Qi標準規格的無線充電功能,無線充電趨勢已經確立,也將加速成為智慧型手機的標配,更加帶動無線充電在生活中更寬廣的應用!

無線電力傳輸為充電裝置提升了使用的便利性,當然標準化的設計與充電規範就成為產品開發的選擇重點。瑞達科技推出Generalplus符合WPC最新Qi標準(Qi 1.2.3) 15W 無線充電發射端(TX)GPM8F8008C,以及接收端(RX)GPMQ9103A參考設計之完整解決方案,可支援Fast Charge/Apple 7.5W/Qi 15W/Qi 5W,兼容性大、應用廣泛,如手機周邊、穿戴式裝置等,歡迎洽詢!

15W TX Solution – GPM8F8008C
15W RX Solution – GPMQ9103A

Product features :

All of our wireless-charger solutions are optimized for Extended Power Profile (EPP) with Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi 1.2 certified applications up to 15W. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of charging applications, such as mobile device applications and wearable applications .

  • Rich roadmap: Complete low/middle/high-end products
  • Highly integrated solution: Power components embedded
  • High cost-performance ratio: Higher quality but lower price
  • Great service: Support customized products tailored to specific needs and offer consultations for certification and layout
  • Total solution: Support total BOM solution including the coils